Full Time | Gallup, NEW MEXICO | 3 months

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Full Time

Job Description




Fully Licensed Counselor - $63,071 min. to $64,977 max.

Student Success Advisor - $51,630 min to $62,218 max.


Supervisor:    Principal


General Job Description: 190 Day Contract. The Counselor will develop and implement a school guidance program focused on the physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and vocational growth of each student.  The counselor will be responsible for the Competencies for New Mexico School Counselors.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The counselor will develop and implement a comprehensive school level guidance program based on the American School Counseling Association National Standards and focused on the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and vocational growth of each student
  • The counselor will coordinate activities in the guidance and counseling program
  • The counselor will provide information and facilitate guidance activities for students, staff and parents
  • The counselor wills serve as a consultant to the school and community
  • The counselor will provide individual and group counseling
  • The counselor will uphold the standards of the counseling profession
  • Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Determine guidance priorities based on local assessed needs
    • Formulate measurable objectives from identified needs and priorities
    • Coordinate a continuing evaluation of the program
    • Coordinate with the appropriate administration for achievement
    • Work with other staff members to encourage the inclusion of a student-oriented philosophy in all school activities
    • Help to integrate the guidance and counseling program within the total school program
    • Communicate with parents and community about services available within the guidance and counseling program
    • Establish and maintain contact with school and community resources
    • Assist others in their understanding of personal and social development
    • Serve as a resource to facilitate groups and presentations on pertinent issues
    • Provide prevention strategies that address current issues such as chemical dependency, teenage pregnancy, suicide, dropping out, and various forms of abuse.
    • Conduct activities on education and career themes
    • Conduct orientation/training programs for students, parents and staff
    • Interpret test results to students, parents and staff
    • Provide mediation for changes in behavior and conflict resolution
    • Support the staff with assistance in developing positive rapport with students to maximize learning potential
    • Assist teachers in identifying students who would benefit from counseling and provide feedback on referred students as appropriate
    • Provide information to parents and students to aid in their understanding of educational goals
    • Provide resource materials and expertise dealing with issues affecting students, staff and family
    • Provide crisis intervention
    • Use appropriate interventions in situations detrimental to the physical, mental, educational and emotional well-being of the individual
    • Provide support to individuals by addressing topics such as interpersonal relations, communication, decision-making, problem solving skills, academic programs, and career, and life planning
    • Make referrals to school and community resources when necessary
    • Meet the state competency standards and the requirements for preparation
    • Participate in the development of policies concerning guidance and counseling
    • Stay informed about developments and innovations within the profession at the local, state and national levels
    • Follow the legal and ethical standards of the counseling profession
    • Responsible for supervising extracurricular activities as designated by the principal
    • Participate in all school meetings as determined by principal
    • Manage and facilitate the SAT process
    • Support district initiatives
    • Accept other responsibilities as deemed necessary by the principal

    Qualifications: Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities in qualifying.  A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:


    Experience:   Two years of responsible counseling experience; one year of career counseling is desirable.


    Education:   Master's Degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in an accredited program in school counseling, guidance & counseling, psychology, sociology, or a related field. 


    Student Success Advisor pathway available with a Bachelor's Degree.  Candidates must meet the criteria for one of the licensure pathways outlined below for a School Counselor:



    • Bachelors and Master’s Degree (earned from a regionally accredited college/university)
    • Minimum of 36-42 semester hours in a School Counselor program including a practicum in a school setting
    • Passage of the New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) Content Knowledge Assessment (CKA) in School Counseling


    • Possess an LPC or LPCC license issued by the NM Counseling & Therapy Practice Board
    • 6 semester hours of graduate credit in school counseling
    • Passage of the New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) Content Knowledge Assessment (CKA) in School Counseling


    • Possess a certificate issued by the National Board for Certified Counselors
    • Passage of the New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) Content Knowledge Assessment (CKA) in School Counseling



    • Student Success Advisor five-year internship license available, if the candidate is highly qualified
    • Passage of the New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) Content Knowledge Assessment (CKA) in School Counseling
    • Proof of acceptance in an approved program for School Counseling by August 24, 2019.
    • Please contact Shauntiana Salazar at ssalazar@gmcs.org to set up an appointment for further information about the internship pathway.

    NMPED does not reciprocate out of state school counseling licenses.  You must be able to meet one of the above-referenced pathways to obtain a school counseling license.  Please contact NMPED directly if you have any questions regarding licensure.


    Physical Requirements: Ability to perform the job and access the environment for which you are hired.  The following may be required: Sitting, standing, lifting, moving about the room or school, carrying (up to 50 pounds), reaching, squatting, kneeling, prolonged typing, physical ability to type on a keyboard terminal, and moving light furniture.


    Equipment/Technology Handled: Must know how to properly operate or be willing to learn to operate all multimedia equipment including current technology.


    Work Environment: Must be able to work within various degrees of noise, temperature, and air quality.   Interruptions of work are routine.   Flexibility and patience are required.   Must be self-motivated and able to complete job assignment without direct supervision.  After hour work may be required.


    Terms of Employment: Salary and work calendar established yearly by the district.

    Certified Elementary School Counselor is a 190 day contract.


    All GMCS schools are eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF).


    All applicants must upload copies of official transcripts or evaluations of foreign transcripts from any and all accredited colleges/universities attended by you for review in order to be considered for this position.


    Three letters of reference written within the last twelve months (one must be from current supervisor. (If this is not appropriate due to one’s employment status, please contact GMCS Personnel Office 505-721-1000).