2021-2022 - 7-12 School Counselor

Full Time | Chandler, ARIZONA | 19 days

Job Summary

Full Time
Chandler USD

Job Description






CLASSIFICATION:      CERTIFIED                                                                                                                  

JOB TITLE:                  7-12 School Counselor






Job Goal

To promote student success, provide preventative services and respond to identified student needs by implementing a comprehensive school-based counseling program that addresses academic and positive personal/social development of students. This position is at a facility, it is not online.


  • Notice of Nondiscrimination
  • Notificación de Non Discriminación



Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Education related field
  • AZ Counselor Certificate
  • AZ IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Three years exemplary teaching experience, preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership skills


Core Job Functions

  • Provide individual and group counseling to meet the developmental, preventive, and remedial needs of students
  • Assist all students, individually or in groups, in developing academic and personal/social skills, goals and plans
  • Use appropriate counseling processes and techniques for individual and group counseling sessions
  • Follow up individual and group counseling to monitor student progress
  • Use appropriate assessment and diagnostic procedures for determining and structuring individual and group counseling services
  • Provide and support prevention programs including violence prevention, conflict resolution, anti-bullying strategies, peer mediation, and character education
  • Measure results of the comprehensive school counseling program and activities and share results with relevant stakeholders
  • Assist administrator with investigating and assigning consequences for conduct referrals, incident reports and disruptive behavior
  • Monitor student academic performance, behavior, and attendance and assists with appropriate interventions
  • Consult and collaborate effectively with parent/guardians regarding students identified concerns and needs
  • Serve as a liaison between school personnel and home for children with special circumstances and/or needs
  • Maintain records of counseling and protect the confidentiality of student records and student information
  • Accurately and appropriately interpret and utilize student data for shared decision making
  • Implement an effective referral and follow up process as needed
  • Monitor and case manage progress for targeted students
  • Participate on assessment teams and analyze data for decision making
  • Develop and coordinate 504 plans for identified students
  • Review Individualized Education Plans and ensure mandated timeframes for collaboration are followed
  • Utilize district data systems to collect and analyze data relative to attendance, behavior and achievement
  • Use available technology resources to enhance the school counseling program
  • Assist staff with strategies and methodologies to determine how to best meet the academic, social, emotional and developmentally appropriate needs of students
  • Collaborate, consult, and coordinate with community agencies and provide referrals on behalf of students and families
  • Serve on the Crisis Team and provide crisis management and intervention, when needed
  • Perform staff development and parent education and training as it relates to the school counseling program
  • Participate on Mandatory Reporting Team
  • Coordinate State Testing for the site and serve as a liaison between the teachers, administration and district assessment coordinator
  • Attend extra curricular school events to build relationships with students, parents, and community at large
  • Participate in professional development activities to improve knowledge, skills and support site-based training
  • Adhere to laws, policies, procedures and ethical standards of the school counseling profession
  • Perform all other duties or serve on district and site based committees as assigned by administrator



Core Values/Professional Qualities


Excellence: We endeavor to excel in every aspect of this organization and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.


Equity: We are committed to making educational opportunities available and accessible to all stakeholders by fostering a climate of fairness and impartiality.


Collaboration: We have established an environment where teamwork and collaboration are integral to attaining exceptional results.


Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity by adhering to the highest ethical standards as we strive to achieve success.


Efficiency: We continually demonstrate our ability to produce the very best by carefully and effectively using all available resources.


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