Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic

Full Time | 4 months | Deadline: 05 Nov 2019
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary

Full Time

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Job Description

Uses several methods of air conditioning such as mechanical compression, direct expansion systems and chilled water systems using central shilling units;
Requests materials, parts, equipment, and chemicals for plants and unit maintenance and operations;
Plans for alterations, repairs, and maintenance of all operating equipment;
Observes and makes necessary changes for the best efficiency of maintenance and repairs and operations; and conserving manpower, utilities and supplies;
Plans, selects, and orders materials for service and repair work;
Works from drawings, schematics, blueprints, work orders, and verbal instructions to perform assigned tasks;
Answers calls for non-scheduled service which involves diagnosis and repairs of commercial equipment with little or no supervision;
Identifies abnormal functions of equipment and control sequences and takes necessary action to correct problems;
Communicates with staff and supervisors to provide status of repairs on equipment;
Starts-up all strainers must be removed and cleaned, drain valves closed, tower flushed and cleaned, towers filled and treated, bearings lubricated, belts checked and replaced as necessary, dampers properly positioned, control air compressor checked for proper operation, and all thermostats set for the designated temperature;
Shuts-down all equipment, lubricates, replaces worn parts, and seasonal maintenance must be performed as necessary; systems must be evaluated, changed, and tested as necessary;
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8am until 4:30pm
Recruitment & Relocation Incentives: Not authorized

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