Community Liaison Worker Lvl ll (REPOST) - 50244

Full Time | New York City, NEW YORK | 7 months
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Job Summary

Full Time

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Job Description

Marketing Statement

Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center is attuned to the healthcare issues that matter to the people of North Brooklyn. Woodhull focuses on preventing disease and promoting healthy lifestyles by reaching out to the community at 15 convenient locations. Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center is a non-smoking facility.

Job Description

  • Participates in the planning, organization, and implementation of programs involving community participation as requested by CPRO director

  • Receives and processes incoming referrals including medical, speciality, and ancillary services

  • Communicates with community provider practices regarding missing information, clinical guidleines, and status of appointments,

  • Assists patients with registration on the day of visit

  • Processes all outgoing referrals to outside facilities, including H+H and non H+H hospitals, receives reports returned from outside facilities and attaches them to the medical record

  • Assists Woodull medical staff to make their outgoing referrals, including dvising them on the procedures and helping them track their referrals and receive their reports

  • Works closely with outside facilities on the availability of appointments, the quality of referrals, and the return of consulting reports to Woodhull

  • Schedules appointments for community-referre patients via Epic, Epic Care Link, and HHC Advantage

  • Answers customer inquiries regarding community services and clinic appointments

  • Participates in staff meetings, PI activities and continuing education

  • Verifies patient insurance and confirms with Finance

  • Pre-registers new patients

  • Escorts patients to their clinic appointments as needed

  • Retrieves departmental voicemail

  • Conducts reminder calls to patients

  • Maintains ongoing communication to ensure provider and patient satisfaction

Minimum Qualifications

For Appointment to Level I

  •  One year of full-time experience in a government agency or community organization in providing community services to the public or in assisting members of the community in obtaining community services; or

  •  Completion of an approved six month training program of combined classroom training and on-the-job experience in community liaison work, plus six months of full-time experience as described in 1 above.

For Appointment to Level II
In addition to meeting the qualification requirements of Assignment Level I, appointment to Level II requires:

  • Two additional years of full-time experience in counseling, community work or community health activities in a government agency or community organization engaged in providing community services to the public, assisting members of the community in obtaining community services or maintaining liaison with schools, community organizations or other government agencies for the purpose of providing assistance and obtaining participation and support for implementation of community or public service programs; or

  •  Education and/or experience equivalent to 1 above. Study at an accredited college in sociology, psychology or other behavioral science may be substituted on the basis of 30 semester credits for each year of the experience described above. However, all persons must have at least one year of the full-time experience described above.

How To Apply

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