Custodian III - Delaware

New York City, NEW YORK | 5 months | Deadline: Until filled
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary

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Job Description

This position will work 40 hours per week, 12 months per year. 

The current starting hourly rate for this position is $25.24 per hour per the Unit 6 contractual agreement. 

Any Custodian III assigned to buildings designated with a stipend will receive an hourly stipend of $0.66, non-cumulative . This stipend is not cumulative and will be considered part of an employee’s base pay, for purposes of  determining  benefit  contribution  rate.    Employees  entitled  to  receive  the  hourly  stipend  will receive the stipend for all work performed, including overtime worked, in non-stipend buildings. 

The hourly stipend shall be subject to all contractual percentage increases.

The  above  stipend  will  apply  to  the  building,  not  the  title.  In  the  event  of  transfer,  either  by
employee  or  administratively,  the  stipend  remains  with  the  building  and  does  not  stay  with  the
employee.  The District retains the right to transfer employees between building assignments and
a transfer shall not be considered a promotion or demotion.

The   following   buildings   are   identified   as   stipend   eligible:   Fowler,   Henninger,   Corcoran,
Nottingham,  Lincoln,  Dr.  Weeks  and  Grant.    When  Lincoln  and  Dr.  Weeks  is  vacated  by  the
employee currently in the Custodian III position at the school, the building will no longer receive
the  stipend.    This  stipend  will  be  based  upon  criteria  including,  but  not  limited  to,  size,  student
population,  and  building  condition.

The Onondaga County Civil Service job description can be viewed by clicking the paperclip icon.

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