Director Clinical Education Prac & Informatics

Full Time | Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA | over 1 year
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Job Summary

Full Time
Santa Rosa
Kaiser Permanente

Job Description

Plans, organizes, directs, evaluates & coordinates KP Health Connect (KPHC) Clinical Informatics efforts & nurse edu related to inpatient nursing srvs &/or integrated outpatient-inpatient nursing srvs across the continuum of care w/in a Srv Area or w/in a single medical center. Works w/medical center stakeholders to integrate KPHC into medical center operations in order to provide quality care & cost efficient srvs which are aligned w/fed, state, & local regulations.

Essential Functions:
- Collaborates & partners w/Medical Center leaders, other Srv Dirs, & key stakeholders (e.g. Quality, PCS, IT) in identifying & implementing innovative models & best practices w/in KPHC & clinical informatics.
- Advocates use of KPHC & directs development & implementation of changes to KPHC to improve quality, care experience, & efficiency across the continuum of care.
- Represents KPHC at local & regional KPHC domains, governance committees, & other medical center workgroups.
- Manages KPHC to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction w/emphasis on customer srv & highest standards of quality & innovation.
- Provides program planning & Mgmt, consultative, & strategic planning srvs in areas of clinical education: training; development; & continuous learning.
- Aligns clinical edu/development srvs/programs w/current & future needs for a competent professional workforce.
- Promotes professional nursing development through the application of the principles of adult learning to the development of educational program such as core competencies, preceptorship development, orientation programs, clinical educational programs, specialty -training programs, & KPHC.
- Provides coaching & consultative srvs to clinical leaders to analyze/diagnose/solve clinical performance problems.
- Interacts w/community agencies for the support/provision of clinical education to maintain a competent health care work force.
- Coordinates clinical placement for students.
- Coordinates & facilitates on-going KPHC evaluation including: user accuracy, data integrity, & system reliability.
- Develops & implements action plans as needed to support user accuracy, data integrity & system reliability.
- Participates in post implementation change evaluation & supports users in maintaining changed processes.
- Provides facility vision, leadership & technical advice related to KPHC, process & workflow design, data Mgmt & related processes.
- Serves as a liaison between the facility & the regional KPHC team to communicate user needs & facilitate system modification to meet user needs.
- Provides strategic & tactical leadership to manage the impact of KPHC changes on the delivery of patient care & member srvs, ,including escalating change requests, planning upgrades, facilitating planned downtime, communicating changes to end users & leadership, & translating impacts & training needs to Nurse Edu for training purposes. Ensures appropriate utilization of KPHC & ensures end users' KPHC competencies are maintained at required proficiency level.
- Participates in interdisciplinary & process improvement teams to identify potential future uses KPHC & potential improvements in the current use of the systems.
- Serves as a nursing informatics resource, to individuals & teams throughout the facility. Identifies & resolves workflow issues through analyzing workflows, rounding on units, & conducting ad hoc training, & ensuring appropriate utilization of KPHC.
- Ensures compliance w/admin, legal & regulatory requirements of the Health Plan contract & governmental & accrediting agencies.
- Oversees the development of Dept standards as identified by regulatory agencies.
- Manages & resolves human resource, labor relations, employee & Dept safety & risk Mgmt issues.
- Directs & manages budget & resource allocations.
- KP conducts compensation reviews of positions on a routine basis. At any time, KP reserves the right to reevaluate & change job descriptions, or to change such positions from salaried to hourly pay status. Such changes are generally implemented only after notice is given to affected employees.
- This job description is not all encompassing.

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