External Final Evaluation of the project “Empowering Civil Society in Upper Egypt and Cairo to Promote the Rights of Children with Disabilities”

Egypt, ARKANSAS | 9 months | Deadline: 28 Nov 2019
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary


Job Description


Association Soeur Emmanuelle ("Asmae") is a French international NGO and registered charity, specialised in the education and protection of vulnerable children. Independent, secular and apolitical, it is open to all. Founded in 1980 by Sister Emmanuelle, based on her experience with rag pickers in the slums of Cairo, Asmae continues its actions in line with the values and methods inherited from its founder: listening and proximity, pragmatism, taking account of differences, professionalism and reciprocity. Asmae's actions aims to support vulnerable children and their families through personalised and continuing support for local actors working in the fields of education and child protection.


With the support of the European Union, and in partnership with Basmet Amal Association, Luxor NGO for Development & Training and Saint Vincent de Paul, Asmae were able to implement its 31-month Project “Empowering Civil Society in Upper Egypt and Cairo to Promote the Rights of Children with Disabilities” in June 2017. The Project operates in Cairo and Luxor. Due to some constraints, the Project was launched in Luxor only late August 2019 leaving only 4 months for implementation in Luxor, in comparison to 31 months in Cairo.

Purpose and objectives of the Evaluation:

The external independent final evaluation will cover the whole duration of the Project form its starting date on the 1st of June 2017 till its end on the 31st of December 2019. However, as the Project had its midterm evaluation covering its first year, it is expected from the Consultant(s) to be selected to focus more in-depth on the period after. This might also allow the Consultant(s) directed by Asmae to assess more in-depth certain aspects of the Project that would help Asmae in its planning for future Projects in the field. One of the aspects is the social media campaign conducted as part of the Project under the name “We Can”. However, this will be decided upon with Asmae at the inception phase of the evaluation.
The overall purpose of the evaluation is to assess the processes and achievements made to draw lessons learned and make recommendations for Asmae future projects and intervention in the field of disability and inclusive education. In addition to that, the final evaluation is expected to spot the success stories of the Project and help document them.
The Objectives of the evaluation are to:
• Assess the Project achievements in light of the planned results, identifying key successes and challenges
• Assess the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the Project;
• Articulate clear lessons learned
• Make recommendations based on lessons learned to inform future programing approaches.

1.1 Skills required to conduct the evaluation
• A Masters or higher-level degree in International Development, project management or a similar field related to Education, etc.
Work Experience:
• A minimum of 5 years’ relevant experience undertaking evaluations is required.
• Substantive experience in evaluating similar development projects related to education and the rights of persons with disabilities.
• Experience working in Egypt is compulsory.
Language Requirements:
• Excellent Arabic, English writing, and communication skills are required.
1.2 Documents to be presented by the consultant(s)
The technical proposal (maximum 5 pages) includes:
• Summary of consultant experience and background.
• List of the most relevant previous consulting projects completed, including a description of the projects and contact details for references.
• Brief summary of the proposed methodology for the evaluation, including the Project partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders during each step.
• Evaluation Team structure, roles and responsibilities and time allocation if applicable
A financial offer in gross amount including all taxes and detailed breakdown (fees, daily allowances, transport costs, etc.) in Egyptian pounds. The budget should exclude the travel and accommodation expenses, as Asmae will cover these expenses directly.
*Any offer with a variation of more than 10 or 15% of the available budget for this assignment will be disregarded at the preliminary screening phase of the offers submitted.
The following items should be included as attachments (not included in the page limit):
• A provisional timetable for the procedure and an estimate of the charges by person/day.
• CV for consultant, and other team members if applicable.
• At least two sample reports from previous consulting projects (all samples will be kept confidential) or links to website where reports can be retrieved (highly recommended).

1.3 Consultant selection process
Technical proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their compliance with the terms of reference, with the following evaluation criteria:

  • Consultant's references
  • Understanding of the ToR and the proposed methodology
  • The proposed methodology
  • The participatory dimension to be applied
  • The timetable
  • Financial proposal

The document which presents this evaluation and the response modalities can be downloaded from the following website: https://www.coordinationsud.org/appel-offre/260983