Glimmer Programs Internship

United, PENNSYLVANIA | 2 months | Deadline: 14 Feb 2020
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary


Job Description

Specific duties within the programs internship may include:

  • Helping to review, evaluate, and analyze programmatic data and data collection strategies.
  • Supporting the implementation of a monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework based on global best practices.
  • Facilitating the design and standardization of programs process documents.
  • Providing overall support to Glimmer’s Programs and Special Projects teams.


  • You're a world changer. Interested in serving humanity? An internship at Glimmer means you'll be a part of something big. Something that helps create change in your world.
  • You're independent and innovative, yet roll with the punches. We expect creative thinking and solutions from everyone here.
  • You are a self-starter who thinks outside the box and provides real-time solutions without handholding. Our close-knit departments constantly overlap, so you can jump right into group projects, and deal with a diverse group.
  • Your organization skills intimidate Martha Stewart. You stay organized throughout the duration of a project and are able to juggle multiple projects at a time. You're a firm believer that every detail matters.
  • You get things done. You're a pro at meeting deadlines. If you don't know, you ask questions and get what you need to get the job done. You communicate early on if there is a problem. You don't just show up, you perform your best.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced. You have the education and work experience to back up your mad skills as a communicator and data analyst.


We're looking for a part-time intern to come to our Austin office for the spring and/or summer semesters (schedule is flexible). Please only apply if you are located in Austin, Texas.


An internship at A Glimmer of Hope is an incredible opportunity for students to gain experience at an international non-profit with a mission to help change the world. This is an unpaid internship, but it may count for internship credit at your college or university.

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