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Full Time | Boston, MASSACHUSETTS | 4 months
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Full Time

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Job Description

  • This posting is for our Nurse New Graduate Residency Program.
    Boston Medical Center has developed a comprehensive new graduate nurse transition to practice program incorporating the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies. New graduate nurses are hired into the institution in cohorts. The cohort members attends nursing orientation together and then will also attend a series of educational days and brown bag lunches over 6 month period. These activities, besides being educational for their needs also brings the group together promoting social support and relevant discussion of common situations encountered.
    The new graduate nurses attend a weeklong generic hospital orientation which is followed by a telemetry course. Then they work their first 4 weeks in the clinical environment doing a Monday – Friday 8 hour days. This schedule provides maximum exposure to new clinical environment, colleagues and patient populations. Each nurse is responsible in collaboration with their preceptor and clinical nurse educator to devise weekly goals.
    The new graduate nurse residency includes experiential learning modalities which provided opportunities for assimilation and application of clinical theory and concepts to bedside practice. Hands on equipment skills stations and simulation based learning provided the new to practice nurse with opportunities to use the clinical equipment and simulate clinical decision making and observe the consequences of their actions and decisions. Simulation based learning with relevant realistic scenarios give the new graduate nurse opportunities to manage clinical situations and utilize expert feedback on performance to improve skills and knowledge. Reflective and experiential learning modalities increased the new to practice nurses’ confidence in using equipment and gained comfort in their role in patient care

    How to Apply:

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    Letter of IntentResumeLetters of Recommendation from your Nurse Manager (BMC)

    Basic Qualifications

    • Recent Graduate of Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program (within the last 12 months)
    • Must be a current employee of BMC in good standing
    • Must have Massachusetts RN License
    • Basic computer proficiency inclusive of ability to access, enters, and interpret computerized data/information.
    • Effective interpersonal skills to facilitate communication with various members of the health care team, patients, and families.
    • Organizational skills to set priorities and efficiently complete assigned work.
      Multilingual skills (beyond that of English) in languages appropriate to the patient populations served by the medical center preferred.
    • Relevant clinical experience and/or specialty, certification required for certain practice areas, e.g., enterstomal therapy, epidemiology, peri-operative areas.
    • Analytical ability to solve clinical nursing issues and conduct quality improvement research utilization projects.
    • Ability to effectively delegate appropriate patient care activities.
    • Effective verbal and written communication skills appropriate to the patient populations served.
      Physical ability to meet the core job responsibilities in accordance with practice setting demands for the patient populations regularly served.
    • Ability to effectively manage stress due to critical issues related to patient care, changing organizational climate and personnel issues.

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