International Consultant - Project and Programme Management Analyst

New York City, NEW YORK | 3 months | Deadline: 15 Dec 2019
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary

New York City

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Head of the Programme Management Office, the consultancy will include the following scope:

  • In support of the professionalization of staff and the organization's PM capacities, map, analyze and establish partnerships with other agencies and external best practice providers to create pathways for access to knowledge, training and certification, and raise awareness of gender-sensitive project and programme management standards and practices;
  • Building on the existing PM Community of Practice membership, develop an integrated, online Center of Excellence for the Global Programme Management Office which will serve as a “one stop shop” for project and programme staff;
  • Through the established PPG Reference Group and in line with corporate audit recommendations, assist the PPG Secretariat in coordinating and implementing actions on the project cycle that address identified gaps and enable organization to advance to a higher level of maturity, including the implementation of the business case and development of a detailed project plan. Support the Reference group to update the PPG framework governing programming (including review and enhancement of areas such as sustainability of results, capacity analysis as part of programme design), and assist the Secretariat with communications, note-taking, and drafting of work packages;
  • Support the Head of PMO with any other duties pertaining to project and programme management guidance, support and oversight, as required.
  • Implementation:

    The consultancy will be implemented in the following phases and through the following deliverables:


  • Document in a written business-case and with visual workflows, the opportunities identified for PM partnerships with other agencies and external parties and implement action plans to establish them, as guided by the Head of PMO.
  • Document in a written business case and with a visual workflow the proposed plan and roadmap to evolve the PM Training Community of Practice into an organizational Center of Excellence and implement the approved plan of action, or components, as required.
  • Develop a detailed project plan for actions related to the strengthening of the UN Women Project Cycle, aligned with corporate audit recommendations and the existing business case;
  • Coordinate, schedule and attend the PPG Reference Group meetings, coordinate inputs, and prepare minutes and other documentation, including summary reports and presentations of progress against the action plan.
  • Phase 1:  Prepare, through participatory processes and in consultation with relevant stakeholders, the business cases and associated documentation for deliverables i. ii and iii, and upon approval, begin implementation against approved action plans. For deliverable iv, coordinate, schedule and support the PPG Reference Group and Secretariat as required.

    [Duration: Estimated 33 days/Expected timeline: January-February 2020]

    Phase 2: Establish and finalize partnerships and agreed opportunities, per the business case, for deliverable i. Create and launch the PMO Centre of Excellence per deliverable ii.  Provide a presentation and documentation of progress made against the project plan created for deliverable iii. [Duration: Estimated 33 days/Expected timeline: February-March 2020]

    Phase 3: Continue to coordinate work of the PPG Reference Group and Secretariat and provide a summary report of progress against the PPG Reference Group action plan per deliverable iv. Continue to support work against the other deliverables and provide the Head of PMO with status updates in line with the agreed scope of work, as required. [Duration: Estimated 34 days/Expected timeline: April-May 2020]

    Timeline:  Estimated 100 days within a 5-month period

    Duration and duty station for the assignment   

    The duration of the assignment will be 100 (one hundred) days within a 5-month period. The position may include working remotely with regular Skype meetings, and/or based out of UN Women headquarters in New York.

    UN Women will provide all necessary data and will not provide a laptop to the expert.

    Fees and Schedule of Payments

    The position will be remunerated based on an “all-inclusive lump-sum”. The successful candidate will receive his/her payment, based on the following tentative payment schedule:

    33% of the contract amount upon completion of Phase 1

    33% of the contract amount upon completion of Phase 2

    34% of the contract amount upon completion of Phase 3

    The Head of PMO will certify the deliverables

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