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Shaping the future of travel is important to us at Amadeus. Today, with technology getting smarter by the minute, that future is more exciting than ever.

Our business success relies on our people being always passionate about what we do. We believe in aiming for excellence, taking responsibility, working together and putting our customers first.

We encourage you to be part of new and exciting projects and for you to take the lead when it comes to your progression.

Since mobility allows you and Amadeus to grow, we always look internally first when searching for candidate.


Duration: 2 - 4 months 


Team Description: 


Our team is composed of Technical Business Analysts and Developers in charge of the design and implementation of the Hotel Administration Portal, a UI built to administrate our Amadeus Hotel Platform. This platform is delivered to Hotel Chains as a Central Reservation System. Through this application, they can configure their hotels and the product, prices and conditions.

Our Hotel Administration Portal product is internationalized and propose different languages to their users.


Main Responsibilities :


The Hotel Administration Portal is covering close to 300 screens and templates. Each of these templates are using localization keys, which are resolved at run-time and replaced by translated values.


We are delivering our product using American-English language, available through JSON resources files (key: value) that are used for translation in various different languages. A special team, in charge of the translation, is receiving these resources files.


The purpose of this internship is to propose a new way to find out where localization keys are used in each part of the application, for improved translation results.


In order to help the translation teams to give the best meaning to their translations, we would need to build a system capable of analysing the use of localization keys in our Hotel Administration Portal UI.


This sytem would display all the areas impacted by the Key the translation team would be searching for, proposing visual identification with context.

The posting of vacancies and the treatment of applications are, in each Amadeus location, subject to national law and possible collective agreements with local staff representation. Internal Mobility policies vary from office to office, please check with your local HR representative the requirements and policy in place. E.g. a minimum time on position or Line Manager approval may be requested.

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