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Queens Hospital Center is making good on its promise to the people of southeastern and central Queens to maximize both patient convenience and positive clinical outcomes. Residents of Queens can count on the delivery of quality medical care right in their own borough.  In 2002 the hospital opened a state-of-the-art, 261-bed facility that includes the Queens Cancer Center, the first comprehensive cancer treatment center in the borough.

Job Description

1. Operates one or more types of motor vehicles such as passenger car, ambulance,

hearse, truck, wrecker, forklift, tractor-trailer truck or sign-erecting truck.

2. Drives a truck carrying employees and material to and from work location.

3. Acts as a chauffeur to an official.

4. Checks the tires, oil and fuel of the vehicle, and checks vehicle to see that lights, horn

and brakes appear to be operating properly.

5. Reports and noticeable mechanical defects in the vehicle.

6. Cleans the windows and interior and exterior of vehicle.

7. Changes tires or wheels.

8. Assists in loading and unloading of materials, equipment, and passengers.

9. Reports any accidents in which the vehicle may have been involved.

10. Operates motor equipment mounted on, or transported by, the vehicle.

11. Watches for traffic hazards while labor force is engaged in making emergency


12. Transports collectors and cases of coin boxes to and from collection areas.

13. Is responsible for tools, supplies, materials, and equipment carried in or on the

assigned vehicle.

14. Prepares trip reports.

15. In a small garage, may dispatch personnel, motor vehicles and equipment.

16. In the Police Department, may operate a vehicle which transports inmates to and from

detention facilities, police stations and court locations.

Minimum Qualifications

There are no formal education or experience requirements. However, there are certain physical requirements.
License Requirements:
1. Candidates must possess a Motor Vehicle Drivers License valid in the State of New York and either 2 or 3 below.
2. For appointment in certain agencies, possession of either a Class 1 or a Class 2 or a Class
3 Motor Vehicles Drivers License, or a combination of these licenses, may be required at the time of appointment.
3. For other agencies which do not require the licenses in 2 above at the time of appointment, possession of either a Class 3 Learners Permit or a Class 3 Drivers License is required at the time of appointment. In addition, for these agencies, the Class 3 license must be obtained within three months of the date of appointment.

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