Product Designer, New Graduate (2020)

Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA | 28 days

Job Summary


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Job Description

Make Duolingo look great and work well.

Our mission at Duolingo is to develop the best education in the world and make it universally available. With over 300 millions users, we are the most popular language learning application in the world. But we’ve got more left to do — and that’s where you come in! You’ll help create and define a cohesive user experience throughout products like Duolingo, the Duolingo English Test, amongst others. From composing individual screens into flows to collaborating closely with our Art team on illustrations, you’ll have the autonomy to work on high-impact features that are transforming the future of education.

This role is an instrumental creative partner in projects at Duolingo—from our mobile apps and website to the brand voice and email newsletters, and even community events. At Duolingo, we take pride in and agonize over crafting a user-friendly (and fun) experience for everyone.

You will...

  • Work on the user experience across multiple Duolingo products, on mobile and web
  • Work closely with other designers to develop and expand product design patterns
  • Sometimes work on very broadly defined, loose concepts, and sometimes on narrowly defined, tactical features
  • Work in a highly collaborative fashion with the product teams

You have...

  • A bachelor's degree by spring 2020 or earlier
  • An online portfolio with web or app design samples
  • A desire to keep pushing your work until all details are attended to
  • Ability to relocate to and work in Pittsburgh, PA

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