Safety & Security Officer

Turkey, TEXAS | 5 months | Deadline: 18 Jul 2019
This position has expired. Do not apply!

Job Summary


Job Description

Bonyan Organization.

Vision: People development that makes them prepared and responsible aiming for the rise of the Syrian society and the creation of its civilization.

Mission: We work to improve the Quality of Education and strengthen the values to contribute to the rise of the Syrian society.

Bonyan Organization is looking for (Safety & Security Officer)

Location: Turkey- Gaziantep

Closing Date: 18 July 2019

Main Objectives of the Position:

Security Officer will work under the direct supervision of Project Manager to assess risk and security situation for the project and to advise and update Bonyan employees with security and contingency plans to maintain the safety and security of employees.

Security Officer will analyze security trends, advise, update, and implement Bonyan Security Management Plan, under the supervision of Project Management in Turkey.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Main Tasks:

• Monitor and assess the risk conditions for The Project.

• Provide technical support to the Project Manager on all policies, procedures, guidelines and planning for staff safety, operational security and program continuity in Turkey;

• Evaluate, review and update the Turkey/Syria Security Management Plan on a regular basis

• Evaluate all security actions and keep the management updated.

• Provide direct supervision of all Security Personnel of Bonyan facilities inside Syria.

• Respond to security incidents and conduct the needed procedure of incident checking.

• Act as a security and risk management adviser for Bonyan staff.

• Track and coordinate the movements of Bonyan employees for missions and travels.

• Conduct training sessions for Bonyan members on security procedures and emergency plans.

• Intervene initiative when Bonyan facilities’ staff may inadvertently increase exposure to threats

• Prepare monthly, or upon request, reports regarding risk assessments and identified threats for all Bonyan premises.

• Act as a focal point with donors in all related security issues

• Keep project managers updated with last security actions related to their projects.

Additional Tasks

• Ensures confidentiality of all information.

• Any other task as requested by the line manager.


• Languages: good command of English, Arabic: mother tongue.

•IT knowledge: a good command of office (word, excel).

• Excellent reporting skills.


• To communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.

• To maintain the confidentiality of records and information.

• To be organized and work within specified time constraints.

Education Requirements:

• Bachelor Degree. Significant relevant experience would be considered.