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Boston, MASSACHUSETTS | 15 days

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About Octopeek
Octopeek is a company that provides Big Data and artificial intelligence consulting and training to businesses.
Job Description

Octopeek is a collegial, growing European based deep-tech company revolutionizing AI, Big Data, and Analytics. We are hiring a pre-sales technologist to further expand our growing business in the US.  This is a great opportunity to join a stellar team, with deep experience in AI, enterprise products, and a disruptive approach to one of the largest business opportunities of this generation.  Octopeek is a 10-year-old, stable start-up that has grown over 30% per year on average for the last decade.

We are looking for a Boston based technologist who has considerable hands-on experience in product-based AI and Big Data with large enterprise customers, that is comfortable in a pre-sales environment.  Client facing skills are critical for success in this role.  You will report to the President of the North American subsidiary, with great opportunity to take on more responsibility once you’ve proven yourself. Technical leadership, People Leadership, and other senior roles will be available, so if you’re ambitious, consider working with us.

You’ll be responsible for organizing technical deep dives with potential customers, partners, and anticipating the needs of new clients.  You must be exceptional at analyzing the customer’s challenges, and finding how the product can solve them.  You must be familiar with data challenges, from preparing, ingesting, enriching, normalizing, governing, modeling, analyzing, and understanding ML and AI models as well.  Five years of experience is a minimum, Master’s degree at least in a technical discipline is preferred.  A third of our technologists are PhD’s so our expectations are high.  This is a hands-on keyboard role, with the added ability to read your audience, and speak to their interests.  This means speaking business value to business customers, yet also being able to go deep on the latest ML strategies, and product comparisons.  Concise and thoughtful business communications are essential as well.  This is a start-up environment, so bring your motivation and a sense of urgency. 

You will be expected to work a lot with our headquarters, and spend significant time with our engineering team in France near Paris (travel permitting), learning our products inside and out, building strong relationships with our talented R & D group. French language skills would be a significant benefit.  Our team has a remarkable vision for the future of AI, and you will be glad you joined for the ride.  The management team is very seasoned, with many years of start-up experience, and decades of leadership experience.  Formal technical leadership is also highly valued.  Compensation will include significant base salary with bonus based on performance.


Pre-sales methodology, impeccable inter-personal skills, and ethics.

Technical leadership, team, and stakeholder management.

Communication with both technical and business personnel, public speaking.

Project management, remote working teams, daily international exposure.

Analysis, conception, planning, and coordination of multiple projects and efforts.

Always doing the right thing for the customer.

Project management

Agile project management. Scrum and SAFe methodologies.

Technical owner, ensures value driven incremental development. Transforms business and market requirements into Agile Epics and User Stories.

R&D project and program management.

QoS & Software Development

Manage all stages of agile software development lifecycle when appropriate.

Proof of concept management.

Plan releases, identify release acceptance criteria and enforce them using the right tools and processes.

Enforce development methodologies such as TDD (Test Driven Development) and the use of tools such as SonarQube.


Big Data and Data Science trainer: Hadoop and its frameworks, Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch, Python, Scikit-learn.

Technical skills

Programming languages: Python (NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, PySpark), C/C ++, Matlab/Octave, Java, Unix Shell, Scripting, Lex, Yacc, R.

Data: Elasticsearch, NiFi, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Hive, SQL (MySQL, Postgres), Ignite, Neo4J, Kafka.

Development tools, CI/CD: Github/Gitlab, Eclipse, Xcode, svn, Mercurial, Office, vi, Jupyter Notebook.

Machine Learning: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Clustering, Data Visualization, PCA.

Applied Mathematics: Optimization (continuous, discrete, combinatorial, stochastic, multi-objective), meta-heuristics, genetic and evolutionary algorithms.

Architecture: Micro-service architectures, big data architectures (Hadoop), Data and AI workflows.

Cloud: Working familiarity with all cloud platforms and data science product environments of AWS, GCP, Azure, and Snowflake.

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