Senior Management Consultant - Level I, Grants Management (FEMA) - 50432

Full Time | New York City, NEW YORK | 8 months
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Job Description

Per New York City Office of Management and Budget (OMB)’s request, we are looking for a FEMA Grants overseeing manager (Sr. Management Consultant) to primarily work on H+H FEMA grants portfolio.  Please note the position will be fully grant funded via Direct Administrative Charges (DAC funds) within H+H’s FEMA grant award(s).

The Corporation will now launch its major FEMA construction projects, such as a 10 story critical services in-patient building at Coney Island Hospital and multiple infrastructure mitigation projects at Bellevue, Coney, and Metropolitan hospitals. The work load will increase and the unit/team needs to maintain and keep up with timely claims submissions of pay packages to NYC OMB/NYS DHSES/FEMA; this will help to minimize and remove delays related to recoupment of monies spent on FEMA projects by NYC OMB/H+H.  

Below are “general” FEMA Grants managing responsibilities:

  • Claim processing’s and payments liaison between HHC,EDC Federal/ State Governmental.
  • Analyze and review financial data received from facilities and Central Office and assemble FEMA Pay packages (Progress payment reports -PPR’s) for NYC-OMB, NYS DHSES and FEMA submissions for Federal reimbursement.
  • Approve/monitor/collection of FEMA project worksheet spending items from facilities, vendors, OFD and EDC.
  • Update OMB with Project Worksheet spending items and assisting with tagging ‘PW expended’ items to the specific FEMA Project Worksheet in OMB’s Grants Managing system (Quickbase).
  • Prepare FEMA Project Worksheet amendments to update/revise PW’s full scope details and ‘Actual spending.
  • Reconciliation of ‘Capital’ vs ‘Expense’ dollars to obtain the net FEMA revenue from OMB once FEMA revenue received by OMB.
  • Assist and provide further explanation on the PW expended items to HHC’s comptrollers’ office in drawing down ‘Net FEMA revenue’ from OMB. 
  • (Net FEMA revenue: Actual FEMA revenue minus City Capital funds up fronted to HHC for FEMA items)
  • Handle multiple audits related to HHC’s FEMA projects on a yearly basis.
  • Such as : City’s single audit A133 , OMB’s Internal Audit for Sandy Contracts, HHC’s IG Internal Audits for FEMA Grants and HHC’s Internal Audits.
  • Update and work closely with Senior Assistance Vice president of Corp Budget related to on-going FEMA projects, including Budgets & forecast.
  • Work closely with HHC’s FEMA consultants: Base Tactical and HHC’s project Facilitator: Economic Development Corporation-EDC on current on-going FEMA 428 construction projects/Sandy Restoration /Capital Claims Project(s).
  • Responsible for documenting and disseminating all meeting minutes and discussion planning topics along with providing and receiving status report updates from HHC’s higher management-Finance, OFD & Public relations/Base Tactical/NYC-OMB/NYC-OEM/NYC Mayor’s Office of resiliency.
  • Meet Corp reimbursable expectations/HHC’s Fiscal year cash goals towards on- going 428 site projects.
  • Prepare and submission of FEMA quarterly reports/404 quarterly reports to OMB/DHSES/OEM.
  • Assist in coordinating vendor payments (Base Tactical/ARCADIS/Parsons Brinckherhoff/NFIP-Cool Insurance Agency).
  • Maintain all FEMA forms, documents in HHC systems.

Minimum Qualifications

1. A Master's degree in public administration or business administration, or in an equivalent or equally acceptable program, and four (4) years of satisfactory, full-time paid experience in a major governmental agency or large corporation or foundation in management analysis or in operational direction, planning, coordination or control of which two (2) years must have been in a supervisory, administrative or consultative capacity; or
2. A Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and five (5) years of experience as stated in #1 above of which three (3) years must have been in a supervisory, administrative or consultative capacity; or
3. A satisfactory equivalent, however, all candidates must possess not less than the two (2) years of supervisory, administrative or consultative experience required. Four (4) years of appropriate general experience may be substituted for a Baccalaureate degree requirement. Appropriate full-time teaching experience in an accredited college or university may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the required general experience and appropriate full-time teaching experience in a position of professional rank may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the required supervisory, administrative or consultative experience.

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