Sr. Tools Engineer

Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA | 3 months

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Palo Alto

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Job Description

Apex.AI, Inc. is seeking a Sr. Tools Engineer to create engineering tools to help with DevOps, QA, and Tooling related tasks for the Tools team and help with building software for autonomous vehicles and other mobility systems. 

Do you feel that you are a hacker at heart? Or maybe, you are a software engineering generalist that likes to come up with creative solutions for a small team? We are looking for a Sr. Tools Engineer that likes to work independently, contribute to an existing process, and help come up with process improvement changes to help a 20-30+ person Engineering team.

We have a set of short-term challenges for you to solve, mid-term processes that could use an experienced eye to help discover process and tools improvements, and for the long-term, help simplify and maximize our tools for a scaling 50+ person Engineering team and a growing Business team.

Your tasks include to

  • build and maintain all tools for deployment, monitoring and operations for a growing startup,
  • research and implement testing frameworks for various levels of testing (unit, integration, fuzzy input, fault injection, SIL, HIL, ...) and helping with QA tasks when needed,
  • build, deploy, and maintain tools that improve the quality of code without burdening developers,
  • propose and automate workflows that improve quality,
  • scale existing solutions to support new use-cases.

Expected qualifications and characteristics are

  • 3+ years prior experience with Tools, DevOps, Testing, and / or QA,
  • excellent scripting skills (Python, Bash),
  • deep understanding of Linux systems (ie. cron, systemd, permissions, etc.),
  • strong software development skills,
  • good C++ skills a plus,
  • a drive to implement robust and reliable software,
  • a curiosity to learn new tools and processes,
  • strong work ethic and commitment to excellence and data-driven decision making,
  • comfortable working in a dynamic environment with incomplete information,
  • to create short term, mid-term, and long term tooling solutions,
  • a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Math, Physics, or related fields,
  • ability to breakdown a problem, do research, and propose a holistic solution on your own,
  • a internal customer-focused mindset, to help the engineering succeed in their tasks, and
  • exceptional written and verbal communication skills (ie. asking the right questions to get to clear requirements, asking pertinent follow-up questions, and proposing your own solutions to internal stakeholders).

We offer

  • an open, friendly, collaborative, organized working environment, 
  • becoming part of an awesome and global team, 
  • flexible work hours, 
  • competitive salary depending on experience, 
  • stock options.

We look forward to your application consisting of

  • a resume outlining your skills, direct experience and how they apply to the tasks above,
  • two references you have worked for or with, as this will help complete your career application.

About Apex.AI

We envision a world of seamless and safe autonomous mobility. Pursuing this vision, we have built a team of the best engineers in their field working together focussed on enabling our customers to take automated mobility applications to production. Your work will have a real impact and will improve traffic safety and save lives all around the world. We think that teamwork and collaboration beat individualism, and we strive to create an open environment of continuous learning and improvement. We value a positive and diverse team and work culture, and we openly discuss challenges so we can turn them into opportunities. We are funded by top VCs and work with well-known and international customers.

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