Sterile Processing Technician

Ontario, CALIFORNIA | 2 months

Job Summary

Kaiser Permanente

Job Description

Under immediate supervision, decontaminates, cleans packages sterilizes, stores and distributes medical instruments, supplies in accordance with TITLE 22 requirements and the joint commission standards. Fills request from user areas.

Essential Functions:
- Uphold KP's policies and procedures, principles of responsibilities and applicable state, federal and local laws.
- Disassemble and clean or decontaminate medical instruments, supplies and equipment using approved disinfectants, detergent soap, ultrasonic cleaning.
- Assemble, inspect, test, wrap, and date medical instruments, supplies and equipment using such guides as illustrated in manuals or lists, aseptically; notify supervisor of needed repairs.
- Use steam, gas, and plasma sterilizers.
- Reading and transfer of biological test.
- Fill written, KPDS and telephone requisitions for all processed medical supplies and equipment; issue according to priority of need; deliver equipment and supplies as needed.
- Update equipment inventory by logging in and out equipment.
- Clean and disinfect biomedical and floor equipment.
- Obtain required patient information when issuing equipment.
- Exchange, build, and assemble crash carts for hospital units and medical group clinics.
- Biological testing on Sterrads; make own test ampules; observe sterile technique; maintain sterile field.
- Pick up contaminated supplies and equipment according to aseptic standards and return to sterile processing.
- Establish and maintain courteous cooperative relations with public, patients, and other personnel.
- Examine sterilization date on medical instruments, supplies and equipment and replace items no longer sterile.
- Pull or schedule reviews; analyze and determine preference sheets to be utilized for cases.
- Promote, ensure, and improve customer service to internal/ external customers by demonstrating skills which are consistent with the organization's philosophy of providing extraordinary customer relations and quality service.
- Performs other duties as required.
- Assume other activities and responsibilities from time to time as directed.

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