Testing Coordinator

Evansville, INDIANA | 9 months
This position may have expired!

Job Summary

Flanders Electric

Job Description

  • Collaborately work among North and South Plant leadership, motor assembly technicians and/or Engineers to set up each electric machine according to released connection diagrams, general arrangement drawings and/or Job Paperwork.

  • Conduct required tests according to released test plan procedure from Engineering.

  • Document tests with test sheets provided from Engineering.  Store completed test sheets in proper location.

  • Create formal test reports according to customer specifications and provide to customer.

  • Maintain organization and operation/calibration of all testing instruments used on the test pads.  Also includes mechanical components such as couplings, adaptors, bearing pedestals used for test purposes.

  • Maintain schedules of machines on each test pad using shared calendars.

  • Travel with engineering team to collect machine performance data at customer sites to facilitate design of new machines.

  • Review new motor test plans and provide input as needed.

  • Provide feedback to proposal team on what tests can be performed within facility for competitive bidding of new electric machines.

  • Train engineering and motor assembly technicians on testing procedures to develop multi-shift test pad support for new technicians.

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