Urban Designer

Full Time | Seattle, WASHINGTON | 4 days

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Full Time

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Job Description

We are currently seeking an Urban Designer to join our team in Seattle.

  • Under the supervision of the Planning and Urban Design leader, assist and participate in a wide range of small and large scale projects in international and domestic architecture, master planning, urban design and landscape design

  • Participate and generate graphics for all phases of design projects, including design competitions requiring expedited, conceptual master planning, schematic design, design development and construction document production

  • Assist in responding to RFI and RFP from clients

  • Develop new interactive tools for analyzing massing design strategies that can help real time decision making in client meetings; guide the project’s computational strategy using grasshopper/dynamo scripting

  • Create parametric models for design iterations and build physical models using 3D Print technology

  • Use GIS programs and data-driven visualization tools, research regional analysis, land use codes, building codes, environmental study, transportation system and connectivity analysis, figure-ground study, topographic feature analysis, urban form and frontage study, economic impact study

  • Identify the site opportunities and constraints and make conclusions and recommendations

  • Research local/global precedents to apply to the design process

  • Analyze sketches, photographs, topography maps, aerial maps, notes, and site survey of existing conditions and other input material to determine best land use development strategies

  • Prepare analysis diagrams, illustrative conceptual and schematic design drawings like slope analysis drawings, conceptual diagrams and plans, development plans, entitlement plans, access and circulation plans, land use plans, grading plans, and open space plans

  • Prepare 2D/3D exhibits for presentations, reports and documentations, including plans, elevations, sections and perspective view renderings, using 2D/3D software including Revit BIM software, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, SketchUp, Rhino, Grasshopper, Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

  • Participate in meetings, workshops and on-site charrettes with clients and consultants

  • Facilitate visioning and goal setting session, develop an understanding of the perceptions and aspirations of the client, stakeholders and the broader community, determine planning and urban design principles

  • Collect, analyze and translate clients' functional and spatial requirements into feasible design solutions

  • Analyze and develop design concept of buildings and spaces using freehand sketching including pencil, ink, color pencil, and markers

  • Prepare capacity study and program area tabulation for various design options

  • Prepare design guidelines and standards for corporations to apply on projects

  • Work closely with real estate developers, economic analysts, and senior designers/planners to understand design criteria and in development of pro-forma

  • Coordinate with architects, landscape architects and civil engineers to bring planning projects into various design phases

  • Coordinate with consultants to incorporate multidisciplinary expertise and engineering systems into unified design for client and agency review and approval

  • Incorporate in LEED sustainable design principles for master planning and urban design, assist in establishing LEED sustainable design criteria and calculate LEED Neighborhood Development points

  • Use Best Management Practices and Low-Impact Design to mitigate development impacts

  • Analyze climate data, solar orientation to identify passive design potentials based on the local climate and building use to minimize building energy needs and maximize energy savings

  • Coordinate information, deliverables, and other input with client representatives for project approvals

  • Collaborate and coordinate with professional rendering consultants to produce photorealistic digital renderings

  • Present the design concepts and design development at various stages of the project to the clients and public

  • Assist in identifying and quantifying tasks outside the scope of the Owner-Architect agreement for negotiation of additional services; facilitate post-project “lessons learned” sessions.

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