Washington DC Internship - Humanitarian Nonprofit

United, PENNSYLVANIA | 8 months | Deadline: 15 Nov 2019
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Job Description

Free Yezidi Foundation Internships

Located in Washington DC metro area

Who We Are

The Free Yezidi Foundation is one of the leading Yezidi organizations providing humanitarian and human rights support to Yezidi civilians. The Free Yezidi Foundation is an apolitical, non-profit humanitarian organization formally registered in the Netherlands, USA, and Iraq.

The Free Yezidi Foundation is designed to assist Yezidis in need. The Foundation was established shortly after terrorists attempted to eradicate the Yezidi people in August 2014. The Free Yezidi Foundation seeks to implement projects to protect and support the most vulnerable members of the Yezidi community.

The Free Yezidi Foundation is virtually headquartered in the Netherlands, with its operational presence in Duhok province, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Foundation is particularly engaged with services for Yezidi survivors and for Yezidi women, children, and those who seek justice and accountability. FYF also plays an important advocacy role in promoting better and broader humanitarian and human rights support to Yezidis and works hard to prevent exploitation or manipulation of survivors.

The Foundation currently employs approximately 25 full time staff members, 25 part time staff members, and is growing to meet new needs and opportunities for Yezidi civilians in the coming years.


Yezidis have suffered from a very different sort of trauma than Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs and refugees in general. It is true that all have experienced devastating losses. But the Yezidi community is recovering from a deliberate attempt by ISIS to exterminate their people specifically because of their religion. This has been recognised as genocide already by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, the US State Department and Congress, the European Parliament, the UK Parliament, and importantly, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. The decision to target a small minority group for extermination based on identity has created a sense of horror and trauma, similar to populations in Rwanda, former Yugoslavia, and post-WWII Germany.

FYF is extremely sensitive to the particular nature of the suffering of Yezidi survivors, and all plans and courses have been tailored in this regard. The horrific crisis currently facing Yezidis is one in which an external group perpetrated unspeakable crimes against a peaceful minority, which is now in need of care and support.

Duties and Responsibilities

The intern must be able to complete the following tasks:

Administration and Management Assistance

  • Assist Executive Director with daily tasks, including emails, drafting documents, arranging and participating in meetings, and taking minutes.

  • Support FYF on various administrative and management tasks.

  • Support FYF Country Team in Iraq with administrative or management backstopping if and when necessary.

Awareness and Public Communications Assistance

  • Assist FYF team in creating promotional material to share with donors and inform Yezidi community of FYF activities.

  • Use data on FYF activities in the field, to create informational reports and packages to be used on the website and elsewhere. This will include activities in the children’s center, women’s center, trauma work, and justice efforts.

  • Work with the FYF webmaster to ensure that new informational packages can be shared on the website.

Social Media /Assistance

  • FYF Executive Director conducts regular Facebook Live talks to communicate with the Yezidi community around the world. The intern will assist FYF Executive Director in successfully completing Facebook Live talks and interviews with legal experts.

  • Share media news about Yezidis with FYF social media team.

Fundraising Research Assistance

  • Assist in researching unrestricted fundraising opportunities, sharing and updating this list in coordination with FYF Executive Director.

  • Interns may be able to create awareness raising or fundraising events at their universities, in compliance with university rules.

Excellent English language skills are required, including the ability to write documents, reports, and present information professionally. IT, website design, or graphic design skills are a major plus.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Daily Routine

FYF spends a great deal of time operating out of the Washington metro area. FYF is looking for college interns seeking experience with a humanitarian and human rights focused organisation. FYF is able to accept two or three interns at a time.

Optimally, interns will be able to work at least two or three days per week for the entire semester. The interns will work with the FYF team in person each day, whether dealing with administrative tasks or participating in meetings.


FYF cannot pay transportation costs or any wage for interns. Interns must be self-motivated and self-funded, with a desire to help members of a persecuted minority without a need for compensation. However, interns will gain valuable experience while in Washington, DC, and will provide crucial assistance to an organisation helping vulnerable and displaced civilians in Iraq.

Upon Joining FYF

FYF has non-disclosure and liability waiver clauses in the contract for all employees upon joining the team; all exchanges of information conducted as an FYF intern remain exclusive property of FYF and cannot be shared with other individuals or organisations without FYF consent.


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